Class Hirb::Helpers::ObjectTable

  1. lib/hirb/helpers/object_table.rb


public class

  1. render

Public class methods

render (rows, options ={})

Rows are any ruby objects. Takes same options as Hirb::Helpers::Table.render except as noted below.


Methods of the object to represent as columns. Defaults to [:to_s].
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# File lib/hirb/helpers/object_table.rb, line 6
  def self.render(rows, options ={})
    options[:fields] ||= [:to_s]
    options[:headers] ||= {:to_s=>'value'} if options[:fields] == [:to_s]
    item_hashes = options[:fields].empty? ? [] : Array(rows).inject([]) {|t,item|
      t << options[:fields].inject({}) {|h,f| h[f] = item.send(f); h}
    super(item_hashes, options)