Class Hirb::Helpers::ParentChildTree

  1. lib/hirb/helpers/parent_child_tree.rb


public class

  1. render

Public class methods

render (root_node, options={})

Starting with the given node, this builds a tree by recursively calling a children method. Takes same options as Hirb::Helper::Table.render with some additional ones below.


Method or proc to call to display as a node’s value. If not given, uses :name if node responds to :name or defaults to :object_id.
Method or proc to call to obtain a node’s children. Default is :children.
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# File lib/hirb/helpers/parent_child_tree.rb, line 9
    def render(root_node, options={})
      value_method = options[:value_method] || (root_node.respond_to?(:name) ? :name : :object_id)
      @value_method = value_method.is_a?(Proc) ? value_method : lambda {|n| n.send(value_method) }
      children_method = options[:children_method] || :children
      @children_method = children_method.is_a?(Proc) ? children_method : lambda {|n| n.send(children_method)}
      @nodes = []
      build_node(root_node, 0)
      super(@nodes, options)