Module Boson::Pipes

  1. lib/boson/pipes.rb

Default Pipes: Search and Sort

The default pipe options, :query, :sort and :reverse_sort, are quite useful for searching and sorting arrays: Some examples using default commands:

# Searches commands in the full_name field for 'lib' and sorts results by that field.
$ boson commands -q=f:lib -s=f    # or commands --query=full_name:lib --sort=full_name

# Multiple fields can be searched if separated by a ','. This searches the full_name and desc fields.
$ boson commands -q=f,d:web   # or commands --query=full_name,desc:web

# All fields can be queried using a '*'.
# Searches all library fields and then reverse sorts on name field
$ boson libraries -q=*:core -s=n -R  # or libraries --query=*:core --sort=name --reverse_sort

# Multiple searches can be joined together by ','
# Searches for libraries that have the name matching core or a library_type matching gem
$ boson libraries -q=n:core,l:gem   # or libraries --query=name:core,library_type:gem

In these examples, we queried commands and examples with an explicit —query. However, -q or —query isn’t necessary for these commands because they already default to it when not present. This behavior comes from the default_option attribute a command can have.

Public instance methods

pipes_pipe (obj, arr)

Pipes output of multiple commands recursively, given initial object

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# File lib/boson/pipes.rb, line 67
    def pipes_pipe(obj, arr)
      arr.inject(obj) {|acc,e| Boson.full_invoke(e, [acc]) }
query_pipe (object, query_hash)

Case-insensitive search an array of objects or hashes for the :query option. This option is a hash of fields mapped to their search terms. Searches are OR-ed. When searching hashes, numerical string keys in query_hash are converted to actual numbers to interface with Hirb.

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# File lib/boson/pipes.rb, line 29
    def query_pipe(object, query_hash)
      if object[0].is_a?(Hash) {|field,query|
          field = field.to_i if field.to_s[/^\d+$/]
 {|e| e[field].to_s =~ /#{query}/i }
      else {|field,query| {|e| e.send(field).to_s =~ /#{query}/i } }.flatten.uniq
    rescue NoMethodError
      $stderr.puts "Query failed with nonexistant method '#{$!.message[/`(.*)'/,1]}'"
reverse_sort_pipe (object, extra=nil)

Reverse an object

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# File lib/boson/pipes.rb, line 62
    def reverse_sort_pipe(object, extra=nil)
sort_pipe (object, sort)

Sorts an array of objects or hashes using a sort field. Sort is reversed with reverse_sort set to true.

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# File lib/boson/pipes.rb, line 43
    def sort_pipe(object, sort)
      sort_lambda = lambda {}
      if object[0].is_a?(Hash)
        sort = sort.to_i if sort.to_s[/^\d+$/]
        sort_lambda = untouched_sort?( {|e| e[sort] }) ? lambda {|e| e[sort] } : lambda {|e| e[sort].to_s }
        sort_lambda = untouched_sort?( {|e| e.send(sort) }) ? lambda {|e| e.send(sort) || ''} :
          lambda {|e| e.send(sort).to_s }
      object.sort_by &sort_lambda
    rescue NoMethodError, ArgumentError
      $stderr.puts "Sort failed with nonexistant method '#{sort}'"