Class Hirb::Helpers::AutoTable

  1. lib/hirb/helpers/auto_table.rb

This helper wraps around the other table helpers i.e. Hirb::Helpers::Table while providing default helper options via Hirb::DynamicView. Using these default options, this helper supports views for the following modules/classes: ActiveRecord::Base, CouchFoo::Base, CouchPotato::Persistence, CouchRest::ExtendedDocument, DBI::Row, DataMapper::Resource, Friendly::Document, MongoMapper::Document, MongoMapper::EmbeddedDocument, Mongoid::Document, Ripple::Document, Sequel::Model.


public class

  1. render

Public class methods

render (output, options={})

Takes same options as Hirb::Helpers::Table.render except as noted below.


Explicit table class to use for rendering. Defaults to Hirb::Helpers::ObjectTable if output is not an Array or Hash. Otherwise defaults to Hirb::Helpers::Table.
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# File lib/hirb/helpers/auto_table.rb, line 16
  def self.render(output, options={})
    output = Array(output)
    (defaults = dynamic_options(output[0])) && (options = defaults.merge(options))
    klass = options.delete(:table_class) || (
      !(output[0].is_a?(Hash) || output[0].is_a?(Array)) ?
      Hirb::Helpers::ObjectTable : Hirb::Helpers::Table)
    klass.render(output, options)