Module Hirb::Console

  1. lib/hirb/console.rb

This module is meant to be extended to provide methods for use in a console/irb shell. For example:

>> extend Hirb::Console
>> view 'some string', :class=>Some::String::Formatter
>> table [[:row1], [:row2]]


public class

  1. format_output
  2. render_output

public instance

  1. menu
  2. table
  3. view

Public class methods

format_output (output, options={}, &block)

Takes same arguments and options as render_output() but returns formatted output instead of rendering it.

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# File lib/hirb/console.rb, line 22
      def format_output(output, options={}, &block)
        View.load_config unless View.config_loaded?
        View.formatter.format_output(output, options.merge(:console=>true), &block)
render_output (output, options={})

A console version of render_output() which takes its same options but allows for shorthand. All options are passed to the helper except for the formatter options. Formatter options are :class, :method and :output_method. Examples:

render_output output, :class=>:tree :type=>:directory
# is the same as:
render_output output, :class=>:tree, :options=> {:type=>:directory}
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# File lib/hirb/console.rb, line 16
      def render_output(output, options={})
        View.load_config unless View.config_loaded?
        View.render_output(output, options.merge(:console=>true))

Public instance methods

menu (output, options={}, &block)

Renders a menu given an array using Hirb::Menu.render.

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# File lib/hirb/console.rb, line 39
    def menu(output, options={}, &block)
      Console.format_output(output, options.merge(:class=>"Hirb::Menu"), &block)
table (output, options={})

Renders a table for the given object. Takes same options as Hirb::Helpers::Table.render.

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# File lib/hirb/console.rb, line 29
    def table(output, options={})
      Console.render_output(output, options.merge(:class=>"Hirb::Helpers::AutoTable"))
view (output, options={})

Renders any specified view for the given object. Takes same options as Hirb::View.render_output.

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# File lib/hirb/console.rb, line 34
    def view(output, options={})
      Console.render_output(output, options)