Class Hirb::Menu

  1. lib/hirb/menu.rb
Parent: Object

This class provides a menu using Hirb’s table helpers by default to display choices. Menu choices (syntax at Hirb::Util.choose_from_array) refer to rows. However, when in two_d mode, choices refer to specific cells by appending a ’:field’ to a choice. A field name can be an abbreviated. Menus can also have an action mode, which turns the menu prompt into a commandline that executes the choices as arguments and uses methods as actions/commands.


public class

  1. render

Classes and Modules

Class Hirb::Menu::Error


CHOSEN_REGEXP = /^(\d([^:]+)?)(?::)?(\S+)?/   Detects valid choices and optional field/column
DIRECTIONS = "Specify individual choices (4,7), range of choices (1-3) or all choices (*)."

Public class methods

render (output, options={}, &block)

This method will return an array unless it’s exited by simply pressing return, which returns nil. If given a block, the block will yield if and with any menu items are chosen. All options except for the ones below are passed to render the menu.


Helper class to render menu. Helper class is expected to implement numbering given a :number option. To use a very basic menu, set this to false. Defaults to Hirb::Helpers::AutoTable.
String for menu prompt. Defaults to “Choose: “.
Always ask for input, even if there is only one choice. Default is true.
Display directions before prompt. Default is true.
Use readline to get user input if available. Input strings are added to readline history. Default is false.
Turn menu into a 2 dimensional (2D) menu by allowing user to pick values from table cells. Default is false.
Default field for a 2D menu. Defaults to first field in a table.
Turn menu into an action menu by letting user pass menu choices as an argument to a method/command. A menu choice’s place amongst other arguments is preserved. Default is false.
Execute action menu multiple times iterating over the menu choices. Default is false.
Object that takes method/command calls. Default is main.
Default method/command to call when no command given.


>> extend Hirb::Console
=> self
>> menu [1,2,3], :prompt=> "So many choices, so little time: "
>> menu [{:a=>1, :b=>2}, {:a=>3, :b=>4}], :fields=>[:a,b], :two_d=>true)
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# File lib/hirb/menu.rb, line 40
    def self.render(output, options={}, &block)
      new(options).render(output, &block)
    rescue Error=>e
      $stderr.puts "Error: #{e.message}"