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Lighttpd Working!

Yay! I got typo working with lighttpd and fcgi. Here’s what I did in my server environment.

  1. Installed typo
    1. installed the latest tarball from http://rubyforge.org/projects/rubygems/
    2. gem install rails
    3. svn checkout svn://leetsoft.com/typo/trunk typo
  2. Installed fcgi and lighttpd
    1. apt-get install libfcgi-ruby1.8 libpcre3-dev
      note: pcre needed for mod_rewrite
    2. downloaded latest tarball (1.4.4) for lighttpd
  3. Configuration
    1. Copied the script into my script/ in the typo rails directory
    2. chmod +x script/light_rails
    3. began lighttpd with script/light_rails -b -a typo -p 80
    4. modified script/light_rails to use mod_status and mod_simple_vhost

Make sure to modify your dns records so that your virtual host is recognized by everyone’s browsers. Otherwise you’ll get $url could not be found. Please try again. from firefox.

I also used the following resources:

1. rails wiki – search for lighttpd
2. Naturally lighttpd
3. http://hieraki.simplicio.com/read/chapter/1

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