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Tux - A Sinatra Console *description*
While working on a sinatra app recently, I noticed that sinatra has no rails equivalent to rails console. So here's tux, dressing your sinatra app in a console.
10 Apr 2011 Comments
One9 - Upgrade to Ruby 1.9 Now *description*
So ruby 1.9.2 is the future and your still stuck on 1.8 at work. Why? It's a pain ... Well, let's change that. Introducing one9 - a gem to find 1.9 method changes and make the upgrade process smoother.
05 Mar 2011 Comments
Documentation-Generated Irb Autocompletions With Bond and Yard *description*
Since it's last release, bond has gained a number of features. The most novel of these is the ability to generate gem-specific autocompletions from a gem's yard documentation. This release also lets gems ship with their own irb autocompletions and introduces bond to emacs' inf-ruby mode.
19 May 2010 Comments
Screencast Of Argument Autocompletion for Methods in Irb *description*
Bond, a gem to improve irb's autocompletion, just hit version 0.2.0. With this version comes a completion configuration system similar to bash/zsh, more fixes to irb's incorrect completions and most importantly, any method can have its arguments autocompleted! The screencast demonstrates most of this.
07 May 2010 Comments
Lightning - Speed For The User *description*
The previous post explained what lightning does. This post explains how you, the user, can use and customize lightning to speed up your commandline experience.
09 Apr 2010 Comments
Lightning - Speed For Your Shell *description*
Introducing lightning, a commandline framework that could revolutionize how fast you are on the commandline. Lightning lets you easily define and generate shell functions which autocomplete and interpret paths (files and directories) by their basenames. With these functions you don't have to ever type the full path to any file for any command again.
08 Apr 2010 Comments
Hirb - And Tables for All *description*
Almost a year ago, hirb started as an itch to get mysql-like tables for Rails' ActiveRecord models. Now, hirb 0.3.0 provides table views for ten additional database gems. Whether you use hirb with couch, mongo, riak or any of the databases supported by sequel or datamapper, hirb essentially turns irb into a database-agnostic database shell.
11 Mar 2010 Comments
Two Dimensional Console Menus with Hirb *description*
If you're familiar with hirb, you know it's good at displaying objects as tables. Hirb's latest release takes a table's usefulness a step further by turning them into two-dimensional menus, menus that can pick values from any table cell. Boson, in turn, provides these menus to any of its commands with a flick of the switch.
16 Feb 2010 Comments
Using Gemcutter's Api from the Commandline *description*
Gemcutter recently added a sweet search call to its API. With gemcutter's API and boson, we'll see how to search gems, get a gem's information and compare multiple gems on the commandline. Also, I'll explain how some of this was done so you're able to make commands for any API.
03 Feb 2010 Comments
Typing Less in Irb with method_missing *description*
Being the console-efficient prick I am, let's look at a method_missing that let's us type less where underscored methods are involved. This means that instead of typing some_really_long_ass_method we can type the shortcut method s_r_l_a_s.
26 Jan 2010 Comments
Boson - Command Your Ruby Universe - Part Deux *description*
With the latest release of Boson, there are a slew of new features that need some explaining. Yes, there is a changelog and documentation, but some of these features are novel enough that a good intro is in order.
21 Nov 2009 Comments
Ruby Reference Commands With Boson *description*
Continuing where this post left off, we'll look at more examples of the unique command and view framework interaction that Boson and Hirb have. In particular, we'll look at commands that are useful references to your current Ruby environment. Since Boson's commands are just methods in a module, any of these commands work fine in irb without Boson.
07 Nov 2009 Comments
How Boson Enhances Your Irb Experience *description*
In previous posts, Boson was introduced as a command framework, usable from the commandline and irb. In this post, we'll focus on how Boson enhances irb by treating methods like shell commands.
19 Oct 2009 Comments
Boson And Hirb Interactions *description*
In the last post, I introduced Boson and its options for commands. What I didn't mention was that Boson also gives those commands default options. Among them are ones to control rendering a command's output with Hirb and even toggle rendering. At the flick of a switch, Boson commands (Ruby methods) can have Hirb's views.
15 Oct 2009 Comments
Boson - Command Your Ruby Universe *description*
Introducing Boson, a command/task framework that could change how you collect and execute your ruby code. Sure, there's rake, thor and a dozen other gems. But how many will let you create a universe of ruby commands you can run from the commandline _and_ irb?
14 Oct 2009 Comments
Hirb Tips For Rails *description*
Hirb has been getting the attention of Rails users with Ryan Bates' screencasts. To address these newcomers I'll share some basics on setting up, customizing and configuring hirb in the context of Rails' script/console. Non-Rails hirb users may find some useful tips here as well.
07 Sep 2009 Comments
Changing Readline Completions With a Key Combo *description*
Readline has the powerful concept of a macro which maps a key combo to anything you can type. We'll look at using a readline macro to trigger ruby code in a ruby shell. Since ruby has the gem bond to easily define readline completions, we'll change completion behavior with the flick of a key combo.
30 Jul 2009 Comments
Mini Irb and Mini Script/Console *description*
In my last post, I introduced Bond's own version of irb's completion. What I didn't emphasize is that it doesn't need irb. To prove it, I'll show you a mini irb which has persistent readline history, error handling and Bond's autocompletion ... in 7 lines.
23 Jul 2009 Comments
Better Irb Completion With Bond *description*
In the last post I introduced Bond. This post dips further into its completion arsenal to bring you a drop-in enhancement of irb's completion. Irb has had awesome autocompletion for some time. Bond is here to make it even better.
22 Jul 2009 Comments
Bond - From Irb With Completion Love *description*
Bond is on a mission, as usual. This time it's to make custom autocompletion dead easy in Irb. Simply order Bond to complete arguments, methods or your own twisted regular expressions and they will be executed. No questions asked.
16 Jul 2009 Comments
Alias - Quickness in the Ruby Console *description*
This post introduces Alias, a gem for configuring and managing aliases. Whether you need to alias a method, class, constant or a string of Ruby code, your fingers will thank you.
07 Jul 2009 Comments
Page Irb Output And Improve Ri With Hirb *description*
Hirb just got two sweet features with the 0.2 release - a pager and a selection menu. With the pager, you'll never have to scroll because irb dumped an ungodly inspect() on you. With the selection menu, you'll have RI taking useful method dumps in no time.
19 Jun 2009 Comments
Exploring How To Configure Irb *description*
In my last post we discussed irb's commands. This post goes further into irb's innards, exploring all of its configuration options.
29 May 2009 Comments
Demystifying Irb's Commands *description*
Irb is one of the most commonly used standard ruby libraries, yet most don't seem to know much about it. I've lost count of the number of blog posts that explain some irb "tricks" or "secret" config options. This is the first in a series that aims to make irb less magical and more accessible.
11 May 2009 Comments
Machine Tagging With Delicious *description*
Recently I introduced Machinetag and its machine tag trees. Now let's apply them to Delicious bookmarks to organize them some. Is this the holy grail of tag organization? No, but hopefully it's one step away from the unholy mess tagging has been.
26 Apr 2009 Comments
How To Write A RubyGem Command Plugin *description*
The latest rubygems has a hot new feature, the ability to plugin in your own commands. In this post, I'll walk you through how to write a gem command plugin, using my own gem grep command as an example. Then I'll introduce gem grep and show some examples of how it enhances the standard gem search.
23 Apr 2009 Comments
I Am Machine Tag And So Can You *description*
This post explains how you can use machine tags with your next web app or even your blog. With Machinetag, a jQuery plugin, you'll be able to search and display machine tagged content as trees faster than Colbert can crack a quip. Well ... maybe not that fast. Warning to fans of Colbert's book, I may not be as funny.
14 Apr 2009 Comments
Building DRY Gems With Thor And Jeweler *description*
Being DRY is a concept I try to embrace as a programmer. Lately when creating new gems, I've noticed that I copy, paste and tweak the same boilerplate gemspecs/Rakefiles. Fed up with this non-DRY gem configuration, I came up with a gemspec config file solution. With this yaml config file and some thor tasks, I'm able to generate gem specifications for any of my gems.
08 Apr 2009 Comments
Github Bookmarklet For User Pages *description*
I have a confession to make. I use github all the time. In order to feed the addiction, I decided to logically awesomeize github's user page. What ensued was a jQuery plugin/bookmarklet which enhances the github user page with repository sorting. And yes, my addiction has only gotten worse.
06 Apr 2009 Comments
What Are Machine Tags? *description*
Have you heard of machine tags? Unless you use Flickr actively, probably not. A machine tag, Flickr's name for a triple tag, is a tag with meta information i.e. how it's related to other tags. What difference can that make? A world of a difference.
26 Mar 2009 Comments
Ruby Class and Rails Plugin Trees With Hirb *description*
In my last post, I demonstrated how Hirb can render puurty tables with automated views. In this post, I'll show Hirb's new tree view using its console methods and these three examples- class inheritance trees, nested class trees and Rails' ActiveRecord trees.
18 Mar 2009 Comments
Hirb - Irb On The Good Stuff *description*
Irb is a great place for interacting with Ruby. Unfortunately, even with the colorful help of wirble, it's not so great for visualizing the output of those interactions. Hirb aims to change that.
13 Mar 2009 Comments
Console Update With Your Editor *description*
Rails' script/console makes it easy to fetch, view and edit your database records. But can you edit those records as quickly as you edit code in your text editor? Riiight, like editing our database records in an editor is gonna happen? It already has.
28 Feb 2009 Comments
Quicker Options For Irb Methods *description*
Although irb does come with decent auto completion, I often prefer aliasing methods. To some degree I've come up with a decent solution to managing method aliases but what do you do when you want to alias a method's options?
23 Feb 2009 Comments
Meta Templates For Github Pages *description*
Whether you know it or not, your Github pages, blog or project pages, get piped through Jekyll. Jekyll's great at generating a site from templates. But what happens when you need to generate those templates from templates?
19 Feb 2009 Comments
Goodbye Blogger, Hello Github Pages *description*
Less than a month ago, Github announced cname support for github pages. I thought it was pretty cool but when I read it was for only paying accounts I thought I'll stick to my free Blogger domain redirection thank you very much. And how wrong I was.
15 Feb 2009 Comments
Local Gem Loads Your Current Code *description*
The other day while actively developing a gem, I got tired of rake reinstalling it to test its effect in irb with some other gems. I wanted to use the edge version of my gem, version now.
05 Feb 2009 Comments
Can We Share Our Extensions Without Monkey Patching? *description*
As Ruby programmers, I think we enjoy the ease and power of being able to extend any core Ruby class. But when releasing gems we often force monkeypatching. Why do this if we want everyone to use our code?
31 Jan 2009 Comments
Block to Hash Conversion for Ruby Config Blocks *description*
While I was busy scratching an irb itch, I came up with a handy technique for converting a method's block definition into a hash.
21 Jan 2009 Comments
Tags, Trees and Facets, Oh My! *description*
I've recently rekindled my affair with organizing tags. As in the past, I started by outlining my tags. But this time some of it seems to be making sense.
17 Dec 2008 Comments
Rails Overview With Rdoc Parser *description*
Ever want a quick overview of a rails project you're working on? I did and here's what I did.
14 Nov 2005 Comments
Irb History Itches Eliminated *description*
Irb, ruby’s interactive shell, is awesome for interactive programming. You can write a few lines and test out that language feature you weren’t aware of. However as your testing becomes more elaborate it can become annoying to rewrite your code. So how do you retrieve old code? Your history, of course.
08 Oct 2005 Comments
Multiple Databases on Rails *description*
Being a tagging freak, I wanted to coalesce my database of tagged tables with typo’s nascent support of tags. Only problem: both use ‘tags’ as the tag table name.
01 Oct 2005 Comments
Lighttpd Working! *description*
Yay! I got typo working with lighttpd and fcgi. Here’s what I did in my server environment.
25 Sep 2005 Comments

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